Dividend update: February 2016

By | March 2, 2016

Author: Mr DDU.

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One day we want to be able to live purely off the income from our investments. The earlier this happens in our lives, the better.

How do we know if we’re getting any closer? By tracking it of course.

Our dividend updates and graphs run from 1st July to 30th June each year, lining up with the Australian tax year.

If you are reading this quite a bit later than when it was posted, information in this article might not be current.

Dividend Update

In February 2016 we were paid the following in cash and franking credits:

  • $0 Cash and $0 Franking Credits. Total $0

Like I said in December’s Dividend Income post, January and February were going to be dry months for us. I can’t think of a single company that pays in February in Australia. If one exists, it’s not one on our buy-radar. The next 2 months, March & April, are going to be full, jam-packed with dividends.

Below is the graph showing our yearly dividends income for the first 8 months:

Dividend graph February 2016

With 8 months gone, that’s an average of $39.02 a month. The average is dropping, but after March and April it will be higher again.

Months without dividends aren’t as fun as months with dividends. But, we’re happy with the shares we own, it doesn’t matter which months they pay, as long as we receive a good amount over the course of a full year.

How was your February for dividends?


Thanks for reading this article about our investing journey Down Under.

Onwards and upwards!

9 thoughts on “Dividend update: February 2016

  1. Team CF

    Once you expand your portfolio the “dry” months will cease to exist and you should be able to start smiling every month (just because of dividends of course, it is hardly recommended to smile every day 😉 ).

    We are still waiting for the last dividends to be paid into our account, hopefully we will have a complete picture by the end of the week. One thing is for sure, it will be a lot less then January as fewer companies pay dividends in February for us.

    1. Dividends Down Under Post author

      Hi CF, I really appreciate you coming by our blog 🙂

      We definitely do plan on expanding our portfolio, then the dividends should roll in all year round. We don’t mind dry months now though, it will make the next month all the more fulfilling.

  2. ambertreeleaves

    What an update! Good that you knew this upfront.

    Do you actually think about getting into US or EU stocks that do pay in Jan or Feb?

    1. Dividends Down Under Post author

      Hey Amber,

      We can’t miss a month out, or else you’d wonder what happened in February.

      There are several Australian stocks we’re interested in that pay in January so that will cover our bases with that month. Perhaps eventually we might expand to US / EU stocks in the future, but not for a long time. There’s still so many Aus ones we want a piece of. Plus, it costs $50+ in brokerage from all the major Australian brokers to buy actual overseas shares (as well as a lot of paperwork), so we’d have to invest a big amount to make that worthwhile. I can’t imagine doing that before having a portfolio of at least $50k, maybe even $100k.

  3. Roadmap2Retire

    Looks like you need some stocks or bonds that pay out more regularly 😉

    Thanks for sharing your update, DDU.


    1. Dividends Down Under Post author

      Hey R2R, thanks for coming by

      Once we’ve made our IVF baby then we’ll be bulking up our portfolio and lots of those empty months will be flowing with dividends..

  4. Investment Hunting

    February is a dry month for most investors so don’t beat yourself up too much about it. If you keep pushing, it’s amazing how fast monthly dividends go from $4 to $40 to $400. DGI investing works if you are committed to the process.

  5. Dividends Down Under Post author

    Hey IH, thanks for coming by. We’re definitely not beating ourselves up, it is what it is, for now. We we will be pushing real hard once we’ve gotten our IVF baby, we can’t wait to grow those dividends 🙂

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