2017 Goals

Hello, we’re a happily married mid-20s couple. One day we want to be able to live purely off the income from our investments. The earlier this happens in our lives, the better.

We love having plans for things (big or small), we love working out how we’re going to achieve something. So, here are our goals for 2017 and how we plan to do them:

Now that we’ve had at a look at how our goals went in 2016, we can focus on 2017.

Main goal for 2017: Have a healthy & happy baby and mum after birth

Pregnancy is a wonderful and scary time. We’ve put in so much emotional and physical effort to make our baby via IVF, now we’d love it to go smoothly and happily to the end and beyond.

Progress: Ongoing and good so far!

Goal 2: Post 52 articles this year

With everything that’s going on this year, we want to keep the blogging going, but we’re going to be realistic about what we can achieve. We’ll aim for 52 (once a week) but some weeks we might surprise you with two!

Goal 3: Have a dividend payer for every month of the year

It will be very cool to have a dividend payment for every month of the year. Of course, we wouldn’t invest in a company just because of when it pays, but it will be nice to have that regular cashflow. By the end of the year we’d like to have a payer for every month. Thanks to a few of the purchases we’ve made, only February and June are dry months as it stands.

Goal 4: Invest $12,000 new capital for the year

Babies are expensive. We are planning on keeping a fair amount of our saving for baby expenses, but we still plan on investing a significant amount each month. If we can average $1,000 a month we’ll be very happy, but perhaps we may achieve more. As of today, we’ve invested $2,649 this year.

Goal 5: Receive $622.50 in dividends in 2017

That’s a very specific number. It’s 50% more than we received in 2016 ($415), which we think is very achievable. We may up this goal later in the year depending on how our investing is going.

Goal 6: Average savings rate of 40% for 2017

In 2016 our savings rate was 18.3% for the whole year. We think (though Mr DDU is more optimistic) that we can more than double our savings rate. It will be tough, particularly with a baby on the way, but even if we double our rate (which would be 36.6%) that would be a great result.


We will update our goal progress during the year and have a full review at the end to show how we went.