Superannuation Fund: October Backdate

By | January 30, 2016

Author: Mr DDU.

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One day we want to be able to live purely off the income from our investments. The earlier this happens in our life, the better.

If you don’t know what superannuation is, I wrote an article here describing what it’s all about.
This is the last update before I’ve caught you up to date with my current Superannuation balance as my December payment will be added in the next week or so.

Superannuation balance:
My last Super Balance was $5,235.69
As at 29/10/2015 the total was $5,689.10. This means it’s grown $453.41 in 3 months. Here’s my progress on a graph:

Super Balance October

The $5,689.10 total made up of:
International Shares
Australian Sustainable Shares
International Sustainable Shares
Australian Shares

All of the above amounts are funds, rather than individual stocks. I have invested a lot of my Super money into international shares because with our ‘normal’ investing I don’t think we will be investing much in international companies that aren’t on the Australian Stock Exchange, nor will we be invested much in property (either REITs or owning property).
I can invest in individual shares once I have a $6,500 balance, so hopefully not too far away.

Thanks for reading this article about our investing journey Down Under.

Onwards and upwards!

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