Life Update: IVF

By | February 13, 2016

Author: Mr DDU.

We have a dream that one day we will be parents.

My wife & I have been trying to have a baby since April 2014. We tried for year and several months but didn’t have any success, so we went to a fertility doctor.


The doctor sent us to have lots of tests done to see if there were any issues that could be identified.

It turns out there are problems with both of us and that IVF would be our only option, if it is an option. The last year has been really difficult for us emotionally, lots of worst-case scenarios have gone though our heads. Will we ever be parents? Can we even have children? How will we afford this? Can we even do IVF? But we are progressing through the steps to start IVF and hopefully we will have baby at the end of it.

February 2016 Update

It is a mandatory requirement by the Australian State of Victoria that every patient going through the IVF process has to have one counselling session, this is what we had yesterday. The counselling was broken down into 2 sections: a pricing & costs conversation and an information/discussion of the process/therapist session.

We had the prices conversation first..which was quite daunting. Even with Government help the first cycle will cost us over $7,000 ish then the subsequent cycles will be about $4k each. We roughly knew these figures but it’s intimidating seeing it spelt out like that (and this is all before the normal costs of a baby). We also learned that the prices of everything are going up by a couple of hundred dollars on the 1st July, so this got us thinking that perhaps instead of starting IVF in June, we’d start in May – the main reason being we get our baby earlier, but we also save a few hundred dollars starting earlier and every saving helps.

The second conversation was the first time I’d seen a therapist. There was a lot of information explaining what each step was and when we would be doing it, which was useful but it was also a lot to take in. We also explored our thoughts and feelings on how IVF had affected us, how we support each other, what we’d feel if IVF didn’t work. My wife & I are in a good mental place, 6 months ago we weren’t, so talking about past feelings that we don’t have any more wasn’t really confronting.

The part that’s most confronting for us at the moment is the financial side of it. We know what we want but we have no idea how much it’s going to cost, we don’t know how many cycles it’s going to take. Will we need to burn through all of our savings to make this happen? Every extra dollar we have to spend makes us further away from buying a house, makes a share purchase further away, makes us weaker financially. We don’t know if we will be successful, even after spending all this money. This is a very foreboding thought, it makes us anxious. Is going through all of this worth it for the chance to have a child though? Yes.

So now we’ve decided we’re now going to start IVF in May, hopefully we get our baby one month earlier and this journey and all the waiting will be worth it. We’ve certainly shown the universe how much we want our baby.


Thanks for reading this article about our investing (and trying to get a baby) journey Down Under.

Onwards and upwards!

19 thoughts on “Life Update: IVF

  1. Roadmap2Retire

    Im sure its emotionally and financially draining. I wish you and your wife the best in the IVF endeavor.

    Best wishes

    1. Dividends Down Under Post author

      Hi R2R, thanks for your comment. It has been very emotionally for us draining over the last 8 months, hopefully it’s just financially draining from now on (and not too much would be nice).

      Thanks for your well wishes, hopefully I can share our baby success in a few months.

  2. Income Surfer (@IncomeSurf)

    Wishing you guys the best. IVF is tough, emotionally….financially….physically. We have friends who have done it. Even if it didn’t work, you guys could always adopt. There are a lot of kids who need a loving home 🙂 Pulling for you guys! Have a great weekend

    1. Dividends Down Under Post author

      Thanks for dropping by Bryan. We definitely know that it’s tough, it hasn’t been an easy ride getting to this point. You’re right that we can adopt it it doesn’t work..that’s really a last option for us though, but if we did, the main part of a person is their upbringing not just their physical traits, so our child would still be ‘us’ even if it wasn’t biologically. I did have a great weekend actually, maybe so some of your kindness gave us a lucky weekend.

  3. ambertreeleaves

    It seems that the Australian system for IVF if so different from the one in Belgium. I do wish you all the best and hope you have a Baby soon in 2017. You will be on 2 roller coasters: investing and the IVF one.
    Take care

    1. Dividends Down Under Post author

      Thanks for the reply ambertreeleaves.

      In what way is the Belgian way different, is it free there? If so, I’m jealous. Thanks for the well wishes – hopefully our IVF rollercoaster is a really short one. The investing one is going to be life long 🙂

      1. ambertreeleaves

        It is not free, but way cheaper than in Australia. We did not keep track of all expenses.
        And don’t forget, when your ivf is successful, it is life long as well.

        1. Dividends Down Under Post author

          Well I’m happy for Belgium having a really affordable system for its citizens. Our baby will ultimately be priceless to us, so it will all be worth it 🙂

  4. remembertowater

    Good luck! I hope things (both financially and the whole “emotion” stuff) goes well. I have a friend who flew to Europe for surgery on their unborn child (I didn’t even know that could happen). It cost a lot, but now 2 years on and when she smiles you don’t think about money anymore 🙂

    1. Dividends Down Under Post author

      Thanks for your comment RTW. We hope it works out easily too..all of this just to get to pregnancy stage! (Apparently it doesn’t get any easier from there according to all the TV shows/movies/books/life stories/comedians).

      That’s quite an extreme fix, but I suppose one would do anything for their child. I’m glad it all worked out for them..hopefully it all works out for us too 🙂

        1. Dividends Down Under Post author

          Hey RTW, that’s the nicest comment I’ve ever read – that you thought of us. We did consider them but due to our particular fertility circumstances we need the extra care provided by our provider. Plus when we started this process I don’t think the bulk billing places existed, we wouldnt want to transfer when we are about to start the cycles.

          We will definitely consider the bulk billing for our 2nd child.

          We really appreciate your comment 🙂

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  7. Jef Miles

    Thanks for sharing & sure it’s getting close to the business end! It’s really good to get an insight into the process & from the sounds of it you guys will make great parents 🙂

    All the best & looking forward to hearing your successful IVF!

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