Share purchases: September 2017

By | October 26, 2017

Author: Mr DDU & Mrs DDU.

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We’re into month 9 of our new investment strategy. Now that we’ve been successful with our IVF (and had our baby), we’ve decided to put at least $1,000 a month towards buying shares.

Now we get to update you guys with what we bought (and sold!) during September. In our next post we’re going to update on how our shares reported their annual results.

So, let’s get into it:

What we bought: Ramsay Health Care (ASX:RHC). We bought 12 shares at $61.25 each.

What Ramsay Health Care do: It’s one of the biggest private hospital businesses in the world, it’s in Australia and a few other countries such as France and United Kingdom.

Why we bought more: Ramsay has been one of the best dividend growth stocks on the ASX over the past two decades. We love how defensive Ramsay is and should be a solid option for the next twenty years as well.

Risks: Normal people need to be able to afford the high costs of healthcare and private health insurance premiums aren’t making that easy. As long as Ramsay’s and PHI’s costs don’t get too high then it should be okay.

Another September buy

What we bought: Greencross (ASX:GXL). We bought 148 shares at $5.25 each.

What Greencross do: It’s the business behind the Greencross vets and Petbarn chains.

Why we bought more: It’s been a long time since we bought our first Greencross shares and the price is a lot lower now than it was then. Seeing as the earnings per share and dividend has grown every year since then it was a lot better value and its growth strategies are rolling out.

Risks: Other vets are a risk to Greencross and Amazon is a risk to Petbarn. We think the low price justifies the risk and it should have its own place in the pet world either way.


What we sold: Collection House (ASX:CLH). We sold all our CLH shares for $1.34 per share.

Why we sold: When we bought Collection House it had increased its dividend every year since the GFC. Every year since we bought it, it hasn’t increased its dividend, which is pretty disappointing. It may do decently from here, but we only want quality dividend shares in our portfolio and sadly Collection House doesn’t fit that description.

Final thoughts

So, there’s our September activity. We invested a net $1,140, which beats our goal of investing $1,000 a month. Two good dividend shares and selling an underperformer was a good move in our eyes.

What investments did you make in September?

Thanks for reading this article about our investing journey Down Under.

Onwards and upwards!

4 thoughts on “Share purchases: September 2017

  1. Buy, Hold Long

    Well done, Greencross could be one of the big growth companies for the future in Australia as we love our pets here! When I recently bought my new puppy the first place we went to was Pet Barn, perhaps I should think about buying some myself soon.

  2. wealth from thirty

    Interesting to see you what you guys are buying as always! CLH is on my watchlist. It’s not close to CCP in terms of quality but if it can increase its return on capital I’d be very interested. Decent business otherwise. Have a great weekend you three.


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