Dividend update: October 2017

By | November 5, 2017

Author: Mr and Mrs DDU.

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One day we want to be able to live purely off the income from our investments. The earlier this happens in our lives, the better.

How do we know if we’re getting any closer? By tracking it of course.

Our dividend updates and graphs run from 1st July to 30th June each year, lining up with the Australian tax year.

Dividend Update

In October we were paid the following in cash and franking credits:

  • Altium (ASX:ALU) $30.12 cash and $0 franking credits. Total $30.12.
  • BWX (ASX:BWX) $6.26 cash and $2.68 franking credits. Total $8.94.
  • Collection House (ASX:CLH) $11.78 cash and $5.05 franking credits. Total $5.05.
  • Greencross (ASX:GXL) $11.21 cash and $4.80 franking credits. Total $16.01.
  • InvoCare (ASX:IVC) $14.99 cash and $6.42 franking credits. Total $21.41.
  • Japara (ASX:JHC) $61.58 cash and $18.48 franking credits. Total $80.06.
  • National Veterinary Care (ASX:NVL) $31.08 cash and $13.21 franking credits. Total $44.40.
  • Rural Funds (ASX:RFF) $22.62 cash and $0 franking credits. Total $0.
  • WAM Capital (ASX:WAM) $17.55 cash and $7.52 franking credits. Total $25.07.
  • WAM Research (ASX:WAX) $55.67 cash and $23.86 franking credits. Total $79.53.
  • Combined $262.86 cash and $82.13 franking credits. Total $344.99.

We re-invested the following to receive more shares:

We received 34 more Japara shares

We received 10 more Rural Funds shares

We received 7 more WAM Capital shares

Here is our dividend graph for the tax year:

October 2016: $139.36

October 2017: $344.99

Increase in dollars: $205.63

Increase in percentage: 148%

Wow! What a huge month of dividends. Not only did we pass $200 for the first time, we blew past that and got $300 for the first time as well! A 148% increase is a huge increase from a month that had already achieved a 3 digit pay-out the year before. We would need to have an amazing next April to beat that total in six months.

You may remember that we have a dividend goal of $622.50 for the 2017 calendar year as part of our 2017 goals, which is a 50% increase on 2016’s total. So far during 2017 we have received $835.79. We have smashed our goal and everything from now is a great bonus.

How was your October for dividends?

Thanks for reading this article about our investing journey Down Under.

Onwards and upwards!

14 thoughts on “Dividend update: October 2017

  1. Doug

    Awesome. That snowball is picking up steam and will really start to add as the years go on. It’s always good to blow away your goals. Keep it up.

  2. wealth from thirty

    Awesome to see you guys get a mother load of dividends last month and from a huge variety of stocks. The portfolio has come a long way in 12 months! Keep it up!

  3. kate

    Would love to know your system on buying shares are you using CommSec or similar? Share newbie hoping to make my first investment in February 2018

  4. Strong Money Australia

    October is an awesome month for ASX dividend payments!

    It’s certainly nice when the cash comes rolling in and to top up holdings without adding any cash of your own. –
    leading to bigger dividends next time. Compounding at it’s finest 🙂

  5. DivHut

    That was a nice haul for the month of October. Always a good feeling to hit new milestones and you smashed it by going by $200 and $300 too! Keep up the good work!


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