DDU Shareholdings: Earnings season wrap up FY2017

By | November 22, 2017

Author: Mr DDU & Mrs DDU.

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Now that our holdings have reported for the whole 2017 financial year, we can review how some of our shares have done and what profit & dividend they reported.

We are long-term holders of all the businesses we buy, so one good or bad report isn’t necessarily going to sway our minds to make a decision. But it’s good to monitor how our businesses have performed.

Obviously, the key thing we’re looking for is dividend growth, which should be a key sign of profit growth. A growing profit in the long-term should hopefully mean a growing share price. That’s the thinking, anyway.

Some reported earnings per share (EPS) figures are based on either ‘continuing operations earnings’* or ‘normalised earnings’* because that’s the company’s (and our) preferred measure for the future of the business. We’re only showing very few stats – if you like stats you probably already know about how the below companies did, if you don’t like stats then you probably don’t care!

So, let’s see some of the highlights:

Altium (ASX:ALU)

Revenue Growth: Up 18%

EPS Growth: Up 21%

Dividend Growth: Up 15%

Annual dividend growth streak started: September 2012

Bapcor (ASX:BAP)

Revenue Growth: Up 47.8%*

EPS Growth: Up 36.4%*

Dividend Growth: Up 18.2%

Annual dividend growth streak started: April 2015


Revenue Growth: Up 34%

EPS Growth: Up 11.5%

Dividend Growth: Up 39.6%

Annual dividend growth streak started: October 2016

Challenger (ASX:CGF)

EPS Growth*: Up 6%

Dividend Growth: Up 6%

Annual dividend growth streak started: March 2009

Annual dividend maintained or grown streak started: September 2005

Greencross (ASX:GXL)

Revenue Growth: Up 11%

EPS Growth*: Up 4%

Dividend Growth: Up 2.7%

Annual dividend growth streak started: November 2009

InvoCare (ASX:IVC)

Revenue Growth: Up 1.7%

EPS Growth*: Up 13.2%

Dividend Growth: Up 8.8%

Annual dividend growth streak started: March 2006

National Vet Care (ASX:NVL)

Revenue Growth: Up 51%

EPS Growth: Up 35.3%

Dividend Growth: Started paying a dividend

Rural Funds Group (ASX:RFF)

EPS Growth (including property revaluations): Down 26%

Adjusted funds from operations (aka net rent): Up 34.4%

Dividend growth: Up 8%

Annual dividend growth streak started: June 2015

Ramsay Heath Care (ASX:RHC)

Revenue Growth: Up 0.2%

EPS Growth: Up 13%

Dividend Growth: Up 13%

Annual dividend growth streak started: April 2000

Washington H. Soul Pattinson (ASX:SOL)

EPS Growth*: Up 123%

Dividend Growth: Up 3.8%

Annual (ordinary) dividend growth streak started: In 2000

WAM Capital (ASX:WAM)

Dividend Growth: Up 3.4%

Annual dividend growth streak started: August 2009

WAM Research (ASX:WAX)

Dividend Growth: Up 5.9%

Annual dividend growth streak started: August 2009


Overall it was a very good reporting season for our core holdings. Revenue growth, EPS growth and dividend growth are what we’re after and that’s what we saw from pretty much all of them.

Our biggest holdings are now Altium, Challenger, National Vet Care, Rural Funds, Ramsay and WAM Research. All of them reported positive dividends so hopefully that can continue for many years to come.

Did your shares report well for FY17?

Thanks for reading this article about our investing journey Down Under.

Onwards and upwards!

4 thoughts on “DDU Shareholdings: Earnings season wrap up FY2017

  1. grogounet

    would be good to see it revenue wise to give an idea of your share of portfolio. understand you might not want to disclose this info.
    would be awesome to see how they track y o y since you some for a number of years.

  2. wealth from thirty

    Looks like it was a good year for your portfolio and you’ve got some great companies in there. Always exciting to be starting a new year with tons of possibilities.

  3. Strong Money Australia

    Nice portfolio of companies DDU. Awesome growth in income too!

    We had some dividend cuts sadly this year, but some increases too. And now given that most of our funds these days goes into LICs, the dividend growth is more slow and steady.


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