Share purchases: December 2017

By | January 13, 2018

Author: Mr DDU & Mrs DDU.

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We’re into month 12 of our new investment strategy. Now that we’ve been successful with our IVF (and had our baby), we’ve decided to put at least $1,000 a month towards buying shares.

Now we get to update you guys with what we bought during December.

So, let’s get into it:

What we bought: Arena REIT (ASX:ARF). We bought 219 shares at $2.29 each.

What Arena REIT do: Arena is a real estate investment trust that rents its properties mostly to childcare operators.

Why we bought some shares: Very little of our wealth is related to property of any type, so we thought we should diversify a little bit. Arena has grown well over the last few years and hopefully will keep doing well.

Risks: There is supposedly childcare centre oversupply issues in some areas and rising interest rates may hurt Arena’s property values.


What we sold: Trilogy International (ASX:TIL). We sold 233 shares at $2.55 each.

Why we sold: After only a couple of months of us owning Trilogy shares, it received a takeover offer, about 20% higher than what we paid. We were happy to sell the shares on the market before the takeover is completed.

Final thoughts

Short and sweet for the final month of the year. We received a net $71 from our transactions, but we will be deploying all the extra money in January. You’ll have to wait until next month to see what we bought!

What investments did you make in December?

Thanks for reading this article about our investing journey Down Under.

Onwards and upwards!

4 thoughts on “Share purchases: December 2017

  1. Frankie

    Hey DDU,

    Nice to lock in a gain on TIL, and like the consistent investment plan you’ve got going. ARF seems to pay some decent dividends too – unfortunately without any Franking credits (my favourite dividends are fully-franked!).

    I’ve just started sharing some investments for my new Fund, with the first being Virtus Health – and coincidentally I see you’ve just had your first baby through IVF – a big congrats to you both! Hope she’s bringing you much joy!



  2. Strong Money Australia

    Takeovers are often a nice bonus. We lucked out in the last few months, with 2 takeover offers being for Mantra Group (MTR) and also Tox free (TOX) – both at 30% premiums to the market price.

    We bought some MLT and AUI. Beautifully boring old LICs!


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