2017 Goals Review

By | January 15, 2018

Author: Mr & Mrs DDU.

Now that the Christmas dust has settled, it’s the perfect time to look at how we did with our goals in 2017.

Main goal for 2017: Have a healthy & happy baby and Mrs DDU after birth

This was by far the most important goal for the year. We are very happy and thankful to be able to say that we are a happy and healthy family of 3. It was a tad hairy for a moment there with an emergency C-section and a difficult recovery for Mrs DDU, but we are out the other side loving family life. It’s mindboggling to think that all the IVF, emotional and physical effort to make our baby is behind us and she is finally here!

Goal 2: Post 52 articles this year

We scraped in there with 53 articles this year – phew, thought we might not have made it! We went AWOL when Baby DDU was born and have only just started to get into the groove in the last few weeks.
The original goal was set at a very modest number and we are glad we did because we did find it tough to keep the article count up, good predicting of our past selves.

Goal 3: Have a dividend payer for every month of the year

For a moment there we had achieved this goal! And then we sold one of our stocks and we lost it. Details of the sale are in our December share purchases. We have no intention of investing in companies just to achieve this goal, our main focus is to own great companies regardless of when they pay dividends. June is our only dry month – but we do have our eye on a few companies that pay then, so stay tuned.

Goal 4: Invest $12,000 new capital for the year

Our savings is split between many pies and it’s tough to decide how much to allocate to each one; IVF baby number 2, house deposit fund and investing are equally important to us in different ways. Our goal for investing was an average of $1,000 per month totalling $12,000 for the year. We comfortably beat this with a smashing $18,193. We are extremely happy with this number and the progress we are making towards FIRE through investing.

Goal 5: Receive $622.50 in dividends in 2017

Dividends are our main long term aim because when we receive more dividends than our desire expenses in FIRE, we can technically retire. In 2017 we received a total of $880.67, comfortably beating our goal by 41%.

Goal 6: Average savings rate of 40% for 2017

If we doubled our savings rate from 2016 we would have hit 36.6%, we were aiming for 40%. The savings rate that we achieved for 2017 was 43.28%. Beating it by 3% is a pretty big win, this percentage is the main funnel towards our FIRE and house.

Final thoughts

There you go, 5 out of 6 is really good in our opinion. Particularly as the one we didn’t achieve was probably the least important of them all. We’re going to do a 2017 detailed financial wrap up in a few days.

What’s your biggest achievement from 2017? 

Thanks for reading this article about our life journey Down Under.

Onwards and upwards!

7 thoughts on “2017 Goals Review

  1. dividendgeek

    Congrats on a successful 2017. Like you said Goal #1 should have been your only priority. Perhaps time to DG investing for Baby DDU 🙂

  2. wealthfromthirty

    Great work on your goals last year Mrs & Mr DDU! So stoked the birth all went well for you and you have a little DDU in the family. Investing nearly $20k p.a. and having a 50% savings rate is solid as! Keep it up this year! 🙂

  3. Buy, Hold Long

    That’s fantastic, you two have done so well this year. Having a baby would have to be the best achievement for the two of you as I know the struggles you went through. Looking forward to following this year as well!

  4. Miss Balance

    Fantastic results. Beating your savings rate goal is an awesome achievement as this is something you can control that directly relates to your FIRE goals.
    Best of luck with your 2018 goals, I’m sure they too will be a huge success.

  5. J @ Hey, It's Just Money!

    “2017: Nailed It!” – I suggest you edit this post’s title to this one. Haha! Congratulations on a very successful year! You guys deserve every bit of it. I wasn’t even aware that Mrs. DDU had a difficult recovery, she always seemed extra happy every time we messaged after you had Baby DDU. Sorry. 🙁 I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for you. Baby #2?

  6. Frankie

    Congrats DDU, sounds like you had an amazing year – achieving some great financial goals all the while having a healthy, happy baby! Enjoy the time with each other – it seems all those other financial goals will end up taking care of themselves with the path you’re on!


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