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Private Health Insurance: Rebate, Tax & Lifetime Health Cover Loading

By | April 20, 2016

is private health insurance worth it for australians - dividends down under blogAuthor: Mrs DDU.

Private health insurance (PHI) is a very extensive topic in Australia, with lots of things to consider when navigating the PHI pros and cons list. “Should I get private health insurance?” Is a question almost every Aussie asks themselves at some point in their life. I wrote an article here explaining the basics of our choice and mindset for our specific medical … Continue reading >>

Should we get Private Health Insurance?

By | March 29, 2016

Author: Mrs DDU.

In Australia, choosing whether to have Private Health Insurance (PHI) can be a real internal struggle decision to make. We have a fantastic public health system through Medicare and even with PHI there always will be out of pocket expenses, so we can expect to hand over that hard earned cash for cover, and then also for treatment – double whammy.

But … Continue reading >>